Re: Cryonicist/NYPD officer killed due to WTC attack

Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 13:08:24 MDT

I am so stricken by this. After I go through my communications with John, I'll pass on to this list and the cryonics list some of his thoughts that I know he would want me to share with you all.

John was adamant about cryonics and shared a simpatico vision of the future. Each time he traveled, he would send me a message letting me know where he was. Living in New York, he attended FM-2030s memorial tribute and was one of the few people who discussed cryonics and the meaning of immortality to a group of folks who were basically in denial that FM wanted to be suspended or about the concept of transhumanity.

For all the people who praised FM at that NY tribute, John was the sole-rider for superlongevity among folks who would rather hang accolades on FMs name than support FMs dream.

later -


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