Re: Cryonicist/NYPD officer killed due to WTC attack

From: John Grigg (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 21:19:30 MDT

I wrote:
Sadly, I have learned he had dropped out of his contract with ALCOR. But, even if he had been signed up, it would have made no difference in the end due to the nature of his death.

Randy Smith replied:
Well, then he wasn't really a cryonicist, was he? :-)

In the most practical sense of being signed up, I suppose not. BUT, a person I believe can be a cryonicist at heart due to their views and values. After having read Natasha's post, I can say this man was definitely a cryonicist. He(like many) probably just thought he had plenty of time, and that the odds were he would make it. John may have thought as an old man he would be going to a hospice when the time was coming for his death and suspension. And so simply having life insurance in place was good enough for him at the time.

Very sadly, both due to the place he chose to live in, and the career he had chosen, the odds were somewhat against him. And John Perry tragically did not beat the odds. Ultimately, he was a man who did not want to play it safe like some us.

Randy continues:
It sounds as if he was another young, idealistic libertarian. Smart,
educated person, no doubt. I surprised Perry never joined the seminary. Libertarianism and humanism are really filling a void and a need that humans have, and which religion fills.

Aren't there young, smart, idealistic libertarian law students? lol It seems the great futurist visions of FM-2030 certainly had a profound effect on John. At least to the extent he tried showing the way to others as Natasha explained.

Sasha, and now John Perry have left our ranks. I just don't want to see any more casualties. I believe in an afterlife, and have faith both men are there now. But still, I want to see each transhumanist I know attain their fondest dreams in this world.


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