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Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 20:19:29 MST

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>Subject: Two great articles on ignoring government
>Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 01:20:39 -0000
>Two of my heroes are Larry Flynt and Dr. Kevorkian. Both of them treat
>absurd laws (against obscenity, and against ownership of your own life)
>with open defiance. I'd like to ultimately see government whither, by the
>method of people just not taking it seriously. This happens once in a while
>but the people who do it usually end up suffering. In Flynt's case, he got
>away with it, though fairly bruised. Kevorkian, currently in prison,
>doesn't seem to be getting away with it. I hope these two are the Galileos
>of a trend which will ultimately cause the government to whither down to
>the size that the Catholic Church has. You'll know it's a serious trend
>when you see large corporations openly ignoring violations of their
>freedom. Here are two things I've read which make me think, and hope, that
>this is starting to happen.

Hear, hear! Tey are two of my heroes as well. World class contrarians
destined to go down in history.

>This is an article about how several companies are refusing to take income
>tax, social security, and medicaire deductions from their employees'
>paychecks. They are also refusing to report their employees' incomes to the
>IRS. So far, they all seem to have gotten away with it, according to this
>article. My favorite parts of the article:

I don't agree with not paying taxes. It's true that gov't is not as good as
it could be, but it really what brought us to the dance, that and science.
What we need to do is make gov't OUR servant, instead of the other way

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