RE: Relativism

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 19:25:25 MST

Dear Non-Absolute,

If all of that is true then why do you bother to post (or to do anything
else except seek the Void)? Your opinion and this conversation is utterly
irrelevant. Ah, you think it is all predestined that we spend some time
hashing out how illusory and pointless this all is, eh? OK. I certainly
agree this conversation is pointless.

Enough solipsism. I have more interesting illusions of purpose to attend
to. After all I have no choice but to do so according to you. In actuality
I choose and re-choose every day but you choose to believe that that is only
an illusion, that there is no actuality, that reality is infinitely fluid
and life infinitely spastic. Fine. Have fun with this pointless tangle of
endless second-guessing until you get tired of it. Hopefully you will
before you've lost the chance.

- samantha

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> Oh, don't tempt us to answer that! It probably ended because you knew too
> little to fully appreciate it. It appears the lack has not been corrected
> subsequently. Or do you just prefer infallible popery? I know, I know,
> you are actually a total relativist so you can't be pinned down on
> you may say, do or think or in any wise be held accountable for any of
> uncountable opinions. You prefer to be walking vapor-person. Have fun.

Oh, believe me, I had learned enough. I'd learned enough to know that it
really doesn't matter a bit. I began to look in the mirror and realize that
tomorrow, I will die. It doesn't matter if tomorrow is tomorrow, if
tomorrow is sixty years, or if tomorrow is sixty million years- I will die.
In the end, the dream is over. In the end, it's all just opinion. There is
no truth unless it is created, and no laws except the ones we impose.
Fantasy is merely reality without inhibitions. As for being a "walking
vapor-person", I seem to be more aware of the nature of life than the people
I seem to meet and work with every day, who actually think that they're
accomplishing something! Or that, perhaps, they are right about something!
Yet, I'm afraid, everyone is wrong. Everyone is, essentially, a walking
corpse, a doomed machine thinking that they actually have this fiction
called "free will".


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