Re: Relativism

From: Emlyn (
Date: Sat Nov 18 2000 - 08:19:50 MST

> > Oh, don't tempt us to answer that! It probably ended because you knew
> > little to fully appreciate it. It appears the lack has not been
> > subsequently. Or do you just prefer infallible popery? I know, I
> > you are actually a total relativist so you can't be pinned down on
> anything
> > you may say, do or think or in any wise be held accountable for any of
> your
> > uncountable opinions. You prefer to be walking vapor-person. Have fun.
> Oh, believe me, I had learned enough. I'd learned enough to know that it
> really doesn't matter a bit. I began to look in the mirror and realize
> tomorrow, I will die. It doesn't matter if tomorrow is tomorrow, if
> tomorrow is sixty years, or if tomorrow is sixty million years- I will
> In the end, the dream is over. In the end, it's all just opinion. There
> no truth unless it is created, and no laws except the ones we impose.
> Fantasy is merely reality without inhibitions. As for being a "walking
> vapor-person", I seem to be more aware of the nature of life than the
> I seem to meet and work with every day, who actually think that they're
> accomplishing something! Or that, perhaps, they are right about
> Yet, I'm afraid, everyone is wrong. Everyone is, essentially, a walking
> corpse, a doomed machine thinking that they actually have this fiction
> called "free will".
> -Nicq

Why the vehemence, in the face of determinism? Have you magically attained
the free-will that escapes the masses?


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