Re: Vitrification

From: Brent Allsop (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 11:12:35 MST


        Thanks for this information about the new vitrification
technique being offered by Alcor. (I'm in the process of signing up
but haven't completed it yet.)

> (The reason I am a whole body member is because I believe there is
> information in the muscles, spinal cord and other tissues which will
> not be recoverable in a cloned body. This includes both learned
> information as well as basic issues of neural architecture which are
> not fully determined by genetics. Fitting an old head to a new body
> may not be practical, I fear.)

        My beliefs are different. I think (or at least hope) all
information will eventually be recoverable. I just think if a body is
provided, some of the information will be easer to recover and hence
be recovered sooner.

        My primary reason for wanting a full body is the extra level
of security. If funds run low, they can always chuck the body and
save only the head. But if you've only provided funds for a neural,
there is nothing lessor to back up to in case of an emergency.

        How about both? Would this be possible? Primarily do the
neural with the new technique, but preserve the rest of the body as
best as they can? Putting them both in the dewer together (of course
the head still on the bottom)? Then if there is some kind of
emergency requiring it, they can all the easer chuck the body and save
the separated head? Does anyone know if Alcor could provide such an


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