Re: Vitrification

Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 11:56:51 MST

Brent writes:
> How about both? Would this be possible? Primarily do the
> neural with the new technique, but preserve the rest of the body as
> best as they can? Putting them both in the dewer together (of course
> the head still on the bottom)? Then if there is some kind of
> emergency requiring it, they can all the easer chuck the body and save
> the separated head? Does anyone know if Alcor could provide such an
> option?

There might be a problem with perfusing a body that is absent a head.
I know they have always said that doing a neurosuspension they get
better cranial perfusion than when doing whole-body, because they
can get direct access to the cranial arteries. It is not really
possible to do a whole body suspension with neurosuspension levels
of cranial support.

Cutting off the head would of course let them do a normal neuro-
suspension, but then I would worry that the massive tissue damage
to the body would make it hard to perfuse that.

I suppose you could just ask for a straight freeze on the body after
minimal perfusion, sort of an augmented neurosuspension. The frozen body
would no doubt provide useful information for reconstructing a new one
(real or virtual) even if it was a rather bad suspension.


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