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Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 09:42:16 MST

I thought that while we're on the subject I'd include my own
nutrition/exercise program to give anyone interested some ideas.
Comments, suggestion are welcome.

Statistics: 6'6", 285 pounds, 43 years young.


One of the tricks I learned recently from Dr Bob Arnot's book on
weight reduction was drinking a 10 ounce glass of skim milk about
15 minutes before each meal. In tests this initial protein boost
cut portions by 20% I've dropped 10 pounds in three weeks following
guidelines from this book. I'm rarely hungry.

Breakfast: Monday through Friday its that glass of milk followed by
a big bowl of oatmeal, 1 large tablespoon of brown sugar, followed
by 1/4 of a cantaloupe. Saturday and Sunday I get eggs and either
bacon or more usually ham, wheat toast and of course the skim milk.

Mid Morning: If I'm hungry at all an apple usually kills it,
sometimes a banana.

Lunch: Weekdays, Milk then I usually pack either a ham, tuna, or
PBJ (peanut butter/jelly) on extremely healthy bread, and a piece
of fruit. Once or twice a week, I have a very healthy grilled
chicken burrito (mostly black beans and rice) and hold the sour
cream (nonfat yogurt works even better!). Weekends, something
healthy, good time for beans/rice.

Mid afternoon: a piece of fruit (apple again) or a Clif bar if
anything (usually on workout days).

Supper: Milk, normally a salad and a bowl of soup, or a light
dinner, chicken (remove the tasty skin) or fish with sweet potatoes
or rice. On workout days since I workout after work I often have
cereal. My current favorite is 3/4 of a big bowl of cherrios mixed
with 1/4 of a bowl of honey-nut cherrios. All the taste and 1/4 the
sugar! Another great trick from Dr Bob's book, mix healthy cereal
with something you really like.

Things to eat more of: vegetables, fish, beans, and rice.

Things to avoid like the plague: fatty red meat, sugar, fast
carbos: bread, sugar, pastry, white potatoes.


3 times a week regular after work, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday,
other days I'll hit the pool if I get a chance.

30-40 minutes of mid lower body stretching, I do the upper part
during the regular workday. I use a technique called active
isolated stretching I learned initially from an earlier Dr Bob
Arnot book called "Turning back the clock." Then I bought the book
by the guys who invented it, the Warburtons.

Then it's crunch time usually 3-5 sets of 12.

Then it's 30 minutes on the treadmill. I usually set the speed and
let the treadmill determine the incline based on heartrate. While
I'm burning off some extra pounds, I've been using a fat-burn
program that keeps you at 65%-70% heartrate. I'll go more cardio
when I'm where I want to be weight wise. Most people guess me at
about 250, (and 35!) that'd be perfect.

On either Tuesday or Thursday or both I do some additional lower
body work, usually extensions of some kind on a cybex/nautilus
machine. Squats if someone's around in case I do something stupid
(never squat alone).

Saturdays my upper body day, I use a combination of weight
bench/barbells and machines.

I like a standard york barbell for bench pressing, then
barbells/machines (cybex,nautilus, HAMMER) for the rest. normally
3 sets 10-12 reps. I like to do supersets (quick sets of opposing
muscle groups) for variety. About 45 minutes.

Sometimes after a heavy workout I'll have a TwinLabs Mass-Fuel
shake instead of dinner, but not very often, I'm trying to stay
past the "more muscle the better" stage, sculpting is in.

Make friends at the gym, keep things upbeat. After trying a number
of clubs, I'm at the local YMCA, It does alot for local kids and
families, and I like supporting that.

Supplements: I take a good vitamin/ antioxidant protocol. The Life
Extension Foundations standard recommended protocol is excellent.
I take additional E (1000 I.U) and selenium at lunch, and saw
palmetto, ginger, and licorice twice a day. The last two are for my
stomach, three months after I decide to quit my least extropian
habit (alcohol) I developed GERD, I take prilosec every morning.

Books: Dr Bob Arnots books on nutrition and "Turning back the
clock" are excellent, I second Max's recommendation on Arnold's
book, it's the bible. Add a subscription to "Men's Health" is a
good idea too.

Zazen, learning guitar, watching bad/good T.V for relaxing.

Get a physical before you start any serious program, your doctor is
your friend, get vaccinated.

Plenty of water and rest.

Just some ideas..... Outward!


Extropy Institute,
Adler Planetarium
Life Extension Foundation,
National Rifle Association,, 1.800.672.3888
Ameritech Data Center Chicago, IL, Local 134 I.B.E.W

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