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Thank Brian, very useful.

I *love* practical stuff like this.

I find it a challenge to avoid bread-- I happen to love the stuff-- is there
a 'lesser evil' here? I stick to the whole grains, can't stand the white
stuff. Comments anyone?

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> I thought that while we're on the subject I'd include my own
> nutrition/exercise program to give anyone interested some ideas.
> Comments, suggestion are welcome.
> Statistics: 6'6", 285 pounds, 43 years young.
> One of the tricks I learned recently from Dr Bob Arnot's book on
> weight reduction was drinking a 10 ounce glass of skim milk about
> 15 minutes before each meal. In tests this initial protein boost
> cut portions by 20% I've dropped 10 pounds in three weeks following
> guidelines from this book. I'm rarely hungry.
> Breakfast: Monday through Friday its that glass of milk followed by
> a big bowl of oatmeal, 1 large tablespoon of brown sugar, followed
> by 1/4 of a cantaloupe. Saturday and Sunday I get eggs and either
> bacon or more usually ham, wheat toast and of course the skim milk.
> Mid Morning: If I'm hungry at all an apple usually kills it,
> sometimes a banana.
> Lunch: Weekdays, Milk then I usually pack either a ham, tuna, or
> PBJ (peanut butter/jelly) on extremely healthy bread, and a piece
> of fruit. Once or twice a week, I have a very healthy grilled
> chicken burrito (mostly black beans and rice) and hold the sour
> cream (nonfat yogurt works even better!). Weekends, something
> healthy, good time for beans/rice.
> Mid afternoon: a piece of fruit (apple again) or a Clif bar if
> anything (usually on workout days).
> Supper: Milk, normally a salad and a bowl of soup, or a light
> dinner, chicken (remove the tasty skin) or fish with sweet potatoes
> or rice. On workout days since I workout after work I often have
> cereal. My current favorite is 3/4 of a big bowl of cherrios mixed
> with 1/4 of a bowl of honey-nut cherrios. All the taste and 1/4 the
> sugar! Another great trick from Dr Bob's book, mix healthy cereal
> with something you really like.
> Things to eat more of: vegetables, fish, beans, and rice.
> Things to avoid like the plague: fatty red meat, sugar, fast
> carbos: bread, sugar, pastry, white potatoes.
> Exercise:
> 3 times a week regular after work, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday,
> other days I'll hit the pool if I get a chance.
> 30-40 minutes of mid lower body stretching, I do the upper part
> during the regular workday. I use a technique called active
> isolated stretching I learned initially from an earlier Dr Bob
> Arnot book called "Turning back the clock." Then I bought the book
> by the guys who invented it, the Warburtons.
> Then it's crunch time usually 3-5 sets of 12.
> Then it's 30 minutes on the treadmill. I usually set the speed and
> let the treadmill determine the incline based on heartrate. While
> I'm burning off some extra pounds, I've been using a fat-burn
> program that keeps you at 65%-70% heartrate. I'll go more cardio
> when I'm where I want to be weight wise. Most people guess me at
> about 250, (and 35!) that'd be perfect.
> On either Tuesday or Thursday or both I do some additional lower
> body work, usually extensions of some kind on a cybex/nautilus
> machine. Squats if someone's around in case I do something stupid
> (never squat alone).
> Saturdays my upper body day, I use a combination of weight
> bench/barbells and machines.
> I like a standard york barbell for bench pressing, then
> barbells/machines (cybex,nautilus, HAMMER) for the rest. normally
> 3 sets 10-12 reps. I like to do supersets (quick sets of opposing
> muscle groups) for variety. About 45 minutes.
> Sometimes after a heavy workout I'll have a TwinLabs Mass-Fuel
> shake instead of dinner, but not very often, I'm trying to stay
> past the "more muscle the better" stage, sculpting is in.
> Make friends at the gym, keep things upbeat. After trying a number
> of clubs, I'm at the local YMCA, It does alot for local kids and
> families, and I like supporting that.
> Supplements: I take a good vitamin/ antioxidant protocol. The Life
> Extension Foundations standard recommended protocol is excellent.
> I take additional E (1000 I.U) and selenium at lunch, and saw
> palmetto, ginger, and licorice twice a day. The last two are for my
> stomach, three months after I decide to quit my least extropian
> habit (alcohol) I developed GERD, I take prilosec every morning.
> Books: Dr Bob Arnots books on nutrition and "Turning back the
> clock" are excellent, I second Max's recommendation on Arnold's
> book, it's the bible. Add a subscription to "Men's Health" is a
> good idea too.
> Zazen, learning guitar, watching bad/good T.V for relaxing.
> Get a physical before you start any serious program, your doctor is
> your friend, get vaccinated.
> Plenty of water and rest.
> Just some ideas..... Outward!
> Brian
> Member:
> Extropy Institute,
> Adler Planetarium
> Life Extension Foundation,
> National Rifle Association,, 1.800.672.3888
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