From: Nicq MacDonald (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 09:37:18 MST

> > Let's see... the Greens support equal redistribution of wealth,
> Theft and largess bestowed upon the thief's henchmen...

Read another one of my postings- I worded this one wrong...

> > an increase in localization and community self-reliance,
> Balkanization...

The end of corporate slavery.

> > fighting for equal civil rights,
> Those that they let you keep, anyway...

Which ones would they take away, other than the right to destroy your fellow
man's standard of living and, perhaps, the right to carry firearms around?

> > better regulated international trade,
> Protective and punitive tariffs...

The end to international labor abuses.

> > the development of clean and sustainable sources of energy,
> Which also happen to be expensive and unreliable...

It's better than destroying the planet with our coal and oil use, which will
run out in half a century anyway...

> > the promotion of mass transit and neighborhoods constructed
> > for pedestrians instead of cars,
> Via punishing taxes on automotive fuels...

I have no beef with this one (of course, I'm a college student who relies on
public transportation, and for the three months out of the year that I do
drive, I have a car that gets 36 MPG). I think that a 10-20 cent gas tax
would be a very good idea.

> > a woman's right to reproductive choice,
> How kind of them to give her this one, after taking away so many
> others...

Which others that I already don't think should be taken away?

> > the promotion of small scale organic agriculture
> > over industrialized, chemical agriculture,
> Expensive, bug infested food in short supply...

It's better than dying of cancer, like I've seen several members of my
family go due to the agricultural toxins infesting the upper midwest.

> > Native American sovereignty,
> A noble goal about 100 years too late...

Better late than never.

> > and waste reduction programs.
> Ignoring, of course, the waste caused by gross interference with
> markets.

We're talking about trash, not economics.

> Nice dream- too bad the methods used tend to produce police states.

We already live our lives oppressed by corporate interests... what would the
difference be?


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