I could be a spammer or slanderer

From: Henry Richards (henryrichards87@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 20:36:25 MST

Regarding the list approval procedures, I'd like to comment that they are
ineffective and harmful to the purposes of the list.
Ineffective because I am already a regular poster who just joined using a
second e-mail address using a fake name and phone number, the phone number
is from a car lot in my town which I have a magnet for on my fridge.
Harmful because it simply cuts down on the general rate of new sign-ups,
without filtering between between people who have something to contribute
and people who want to slander, in any way - it would be similar to an
attempt to cut down on crime by imprisoning a percentage of the population
at random.
If I had been actually signing up for the list rather then conducting this
experiment, and was asked for my phone number (after about 3 days of
waiting), I'd just shrug and delete the e-mail and decide that that's it
between me and the extropians.
I'll unsubscribe myself now. Don't send me any mail to this address because
I won't be using it anymore.
- "Henry Richards"
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