RE: I could be a spammer or slanderer

Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 12:02:29 MST

I think we all agree that the interim solution is not perfect against very
determined spammers and has negative effects on newcomers. A better
solution is reportedly being developed for the long-term, but it isn't ready
now. Most of the suggested alternatives are not ready now. I think that
ExI is doing the best they can for the interim. This whole question will
become moot very soon, and I haven't seen a better alternative for the

The only alternative I have thought of is to do nothing until the final
solution is ready. Unfortunately, this would be a clear indication to any
troublemakers that they should act now to attack or to sneak in fake
persona. I think ExI is trying to do the best they can to have an open list
and control anonymous attackers. I have seen other lists battle similar

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