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>Running out of eggs? PLEEEEASE........ !
>Me thinks you've been absorbing pharmaceutical sales schlock aka "clinical
>science." So your sources are questioned and requested.

I don't know how to read this. You're not denying that women exhaust their
egg supply, are you? Or that this has a cascade impact on the rest of
women's endocrinology? My summary was not wildly speculative; it was the
standard medical understanding. Cf., eg,

                   The Council of Affiliated Menopause Societies
                   (CAMS) of the International Menopause Society
                   (IMS) has developed standardized definitions for
                   menopause-related events. In October 1999, the
                   IMS voted to use these definitions worldwide (See
                   Figure 1).

                   Menopause (natural menopause)

                   Menopause (ie, “natural” or spontaneous
                   menopause) is defined by CAMS as the following:
                   “The permanent cessation of menstruation resulting
                   from the loss of ovarian follicular activity. Natural
                   menopause is recognized to have occurred after 12
                   consecutive months of amenorrhea, for which there
                   is no other obvious pathologic or physiologic cause.
                   Menopause occurs with the final menstrual period,
                   which is known with certainty only in retrospect a
                   year or more after the event. An adequate
                   independent biological marker for the event does not

                   In the Western world, menopause occurs at a
                   median age of 51.4 years, with a Gaussian
                   distribution ranging from 40 to 58 years.

For the detailed sequelae of `loss of ovarian follicular activity', whether
in natural menopause, or some surgical/medical intervention such as
bilateral oophorectomy or total pelvic exenteration, I'd suggest the usual
search engine trek, or you might consult, eg, Roger Gosden, CHEATING TIME:
SCIENCE, SEX AND AGEING or John J. Medina, CLOCK OF AGES, both accessible
popular treatments.

Damien Broderick

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