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From: Max More (
Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 01:01:14 MST

I'll keep this short, since Barbara Lamar made sensible points that I would
echo, and Brian Atkins points out the flaws with Eliezer's suggestions.

As Brian reminded Eliezer, this is a temporary solution. Better filtering
tools are under construction that we hope will solve or alleviate the
problem. I'm open to any constructive alternative suggestions.

Two or three people seem to be wildly overreacting. All ExI members already
have given us contact information. All we're asking of non-members is their
true name and a verifiable telephone number (we're not even asking for an
address now). Is that really so much to ask? We're not excluding anyone on
the basis of their views, nor requiring that they join the organization
that provides this forum.

Apparently this is *not* a lot to ask. According to Shaun, a substantial
proportion of those on the waiting list, when told about the policy,
followed through with it within one day. Doesn't seem to be "killing" the
list, does it? Perhaps we can have less hyperbole.

As for Dan's comments, well I'm finding it hard to believe this is the same
Dan Fabulich whose keenly analytical posts I'm use to. Setting some very
simple ground rules is *crucial* to spontaneous order, not contrary to it.
And self-direction does not mean letting anyone who feels like it take a
dump on your carpet or walk around your home smashing your furniture and
insulting your family and friends. As for making it look like we have
something to hide--you've completely lost me here. *Anyone* can get on the
list simply by letting us know their name and how to reach them
(information which will be kept confidential). If they are unwilling to
accord us this, then more likely *they* have something to hide.

Its funny that no one has apparently even noticed that other organizations
comparable to ExI DO NOT EVEN PROVIDE A PUBLIC FORUM. Organizations like
Foresight send email to their people, but don't provide an open forum like
this. Why do you suppose that might be? Why are we being criticized so much
for asking so little before allowing complete strangers into our much loved
and long-inhabited on-line home?

To make one point clear: If someone wants to post pseudonymously to this
list, they can still do that. One or two ExI officials will know who they
are, but they can separate their posting name from their real name as far
as everyone else is concerned.

That's all I want to say on this topic, unless someone has constructive
suggestions. I'd rather spent my ExI time working on the Retreat that we're
planning for early in 2001, and the other projects that a number of us are
working on.


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