Re: SPACE: Terrestrial No More

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 00:42:40 MST

At $10,00 a pound, subsidized, I don't think "cheap" covers it, either.

I would use a Zappa expression: it's bogus pomp.

Zero Powers wrote:
> >From: Eugene Leitl <>
> >Mir, SchMir. ISS, SchmISS.
> >
> >We're still not a spacefaring species. I would put the watershed at
> >having autonomous/sustainable settlements outside of Earth's gravity
> >well. We're still decades away from that. Everything else is cheap PR.
> Yeah, sure. *You* spend 4 months isolated in a zero g evironment hundreds
> of miles above the Earth and then come back and tell us how its all nothing
> but cheap PR.
> -Zero

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