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>I am dying of old age. I am expected to live only another 50 years or so.
>Why am I growing old now? What can I do to stop it? Thanks in advance for
>your response.

Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition...
Most foods are not food, they are poisonous.
The more picky you are the less poison you eat.
What is Optimal varies between individuals.
It is your responsiblity to find out how you work.
Until then I willd o what I can.
Read : Eat Right for Your Type ( )
and Eat Smart Think Smart.
They are the closest things to an owners manual for life.
Your main concern is staying away from sugars, high glycemic foods.
They contain high calories and low nutrients.
Calories burn and they burn you.
Nutrients repair and prevent damage.
Grains lead to insulin release and subsequent tolerance, diabetes.
They rob your blood of nutrients.
Change from grains to fruits and veggies.
Avoid high glycemic sugars.
If you are a vegan expect to die young.
They have experiemental genes and suffer most from circulatory disease,
cancer, diabetes, and obesity, but they are resistant to social diseases
like bubonic plague.

Keep learning.

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