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Date: Thu Oct 26 2000 - 14:38:28 MDT

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>> > To kill 2 CIA employees and wound three others
>> >outside Langley, VA headquarters in 1993
>> >
>> >This was a former CIA type, was it not? A falling out amongst thieves!
>> >
>>No, it was a middle eastern terrorist type, I believe.
>I suppose no "middle eastern" types were ever CIA operatives or moles?
That's like saying that Tim McVeigh was a CIA mole! We have had a notoriously difficult time infiltrating islamic terrorist groups, and depend almost exclusively upon tips from Mossad, spysat pictures and NSA comm interceptions for our intel in such matters.
> > I'd rather that school guards (and bank guards, as well) be fit and well
>trained instead of obese or frail geezers supplementing their
>retirement. I do NOT want teachers armed in class, > any more than I want
>school guards teaching english composition, physics or chemistry; I'd much
>rather leave each profession to its respective professionals.
>Reasonable point. Teachers should not be acting as armed guards. We need a
>paradigm shift in teaching, anyway. Maybe take the whole business away from
>govt. and put it in the hands of private businesses who would be answerable
>to their customers - the students and parents?
>Still, if a teacher carries protection for personal use, why should they be
>disarmed just because of the present location? The bad guys won't play by
>the rules - so there is NO truly safe place where such restrictions would
>make sense.
>We've had metal detectors and airport style wand frisks at Chicago schools
>for quite a while - the little angels still manage to bring in guns.
>There's no solution past totally nude education that can stop all the
>contraband at the door. Hey - now there's a new paradigm - but, thinking
>back on some of my teachers, maybe not - wouldn't want to scare the kids!
One teacher here had her purse, containing her gun, stolen by students. If they're not strapped, snapped and constantly monitored (which is not helpful to one's teaching or teacher-student relations), they're not secure.
>> >
>>Actually, handguns and shotguns are better for close range home
>>protection. Rifles are intended for medium to long-range fire, or for
>>rapid firefight spray if they are semiauto or auto.
>The very weapons HCI wants to eliminate first.
HCI, as far as I understand their stated position, wants to keep handguns, and indeed all guns, out of the hands of psychos, violent criminals and children. Remember that the founder, Sarah Brady, is a woman whose husband took a bullet for Ronald Reagan, shot from a handgun purchased by a (still) certified psycho who was trying to impress Jodie Foster, whom he had never met, inspired by a movie.
>> >
>> >Stupid laws like the "assault weapon" ban are just incremental gun
>> >prohibition - especially if the definition of "assault weapon" continues to
>> >mutate, like in California.
>> >
>>Actually, what mutated were the guns. The manufacturers produced
>>cosmetically altered copycat versions specifically designed to circumvent
>>the ban while retaining the desired rapid-fire characteristics, and the
>>law was amended to cover them.
>Not really. California continuously changes the rules, and has no
>compunction about confiscation. Many people who registered their SKSs found
>out the hard way.
When the guns change to circumvent the rules, the rules have to change to stymie the circumvention. It's coevolutionary.
>>I also do not advocate gun registration, but rather people registration;
>>the maintainence of a purchase-prohibited list that must be referenced by
>>background check prior to a sale. I CAN see the point in a short waiting
>>period, until all the records that need to be accessed are made instantly
>>accessible. There are also such things as 'crimes of passion' and 'jealous
>>rages'; but I cannot see preventing a sane and law-abiding adult from
>>immediately buying a means of personal protection, although I would also
>>hope that they would call the police.
>Now we are in agreement almost totally.
>An interesting note:
>Right at this moment - the radio is quoting how Cook County Sheriff Sheahan
>is recalling 5000 free gun locks he was handing out - they can be opened by
>a hard blow. When he issued the locks a week ago, the antis hailed this
>"sensible" move - now they are claiming it was all a publicity stunt by the
>wacko gun nuts.
We have the same problem in this county, too; locks are being recalled and new ones are being obtained for distribution.
>Chuck Kuecker
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