Re: Tell me your disease. I will cure it.

From: Dave Sill (
Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 18:57:21 MDT

Scott Painter <> wrote:
> Read : Eat Right for Your Type ( )

Yeah, and don't forget the white powder gold! The blood type diet stuff is
bogus. See:
For a good analysis of its bogosity, albeit from a vegan M.D.

> Your main concern is staying away from sugars, high glycemic foods.
> They contain high calories and low nutrients.
> Calories burn and they burn you.


> Change from grains to fruits and veggies.

That *may* be good advice, but your reasoning leaves a lot to be desired.

> If you are a vegan expect to die young.
> They have experiemental genes and suffer most from circulatory disease,
> cancer, diabetes, and obesity, but they are resistant to social diseases
> like bubonic plague.

Huh? "Experiemental genes"? Got any studies to back these claims?

I'm an omnivore, so I'm not just being defensive here.


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