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From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 21:35:26 MDT

At 08:18 PM 19/10/00 -0700, Michael M. Butler wrote:
>> Assuming it's not more cost-effective to work as hard as possible on nano
>> for a decade or so and then do it using NM mints blasted at Mars with a
>> railgun.

>Wafer-thin mints, one assumes. There ought to be a standard shorthand
>way of indicating the delay-'til-better-tech-comes-along gambit. Any
>tidy coinings to offer?

BTW, for newcomers: `mint' is my coinage (in THE SPIKE) for molecular
nanotechnology = MNT = mint/ing [since `to mint' also means to make

As for that PUBTA gambit (postpone until better technology arrives): I
don't suppose NDTWYCDB&WCT really cuts it either...

Damien Broderick
[always in favor of Never doing today what you can do better and way
cheaper tomorrow]

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