Re: mars in few words

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 22:05:40 MDT

> >build a Mars base with machines controlled by a Martian who
> >stays inside the lander/hab module. spike
> Damien Broderick wrote: No. Build a Mars base (after dropping in the
> pre-fabs ahead of time) with machines controlled by a Phobotian who stays
> inside a nice deep hole on the Martian moon.

There are some compelling reasons to go this route. My favorite is
the safety aspect: it would be possible to send the prefab stuff ahead,
before the human cargo is launched. Then see how much of it survives
the landing. After an inventory is taken of what equipment survived,
a decision could be made on sending perishable human cargo. I like
the idea of a 1-2 year intermediate stay on Phobos, perhaps even
splitting a 2 person crew with the other going to Deimos, in order to
have more contact with base camp.

If the machines turn out to be successful in building a habitable
base camp, the human cargo would climb into a small descent
module and go move in. If the effort is unsuccessful, this sceme
maintains the option of returning to the home planet.

> Assuming it's not more cost-effective to work as hard as possible on nano
> for a decade or so and then do it using NM mints blasted at Mars with a
> railgun. Damien Broderick

Roger that, but Im one of those cursed heretics that believes strong nano
is still 20 yrs out. There is *plenty* of time to build a Mars base before
then, if we get with it. And I would *suuure* like to see a Mars base
*before* we get either nanotech or strong AI. spike

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