Re: Back off! Im Navajo!

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Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 02:06:50 MDT

Now that's a much better reason for starting an extro-inspired religion.

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> I just had dropped into my lap a solution to a problem that
> has weighed upon me for some time. When one is signed
> up for cryonics, and perishes under unknown or suspicious circs,
> current law *requires* that the corpse gets autopsied, greatly
> interfering with, if not totally defeating, the efforts of the rescue
> crew.
> The law considers its own right to find the perp above our right
> to not be murdered by autopsy, even if we tatoo a message across
> our chests reading: FREEZE, DONT CUT!
> Now I just heard the the Navajo have STRICT prohibitions
> against autopsies, and that it holds up legally even under
> circumstances such as when they first began to perish with
> the hantavirus disease. In accordance with the Navajo
> tradition, the vicitms were buried whole.
> Well, cooool! All we hafta do is convert to Navajo! (And
> hope no one asks how this Navajo came to have blonde
> hair and hazel eyes.) We could pass for that recently-discovered
> branch of Navajo which believes the soul still lives, so long as
> the body becomes frozen (...hey, its our *reliiiigion*, we dont
> *neeeeed* to explain it to you...) Then, any attempt to dissect
> our cooling corpses against our faith becomes an morally reprehensible
> anti-native-culture genocidal hate crime, punishable by life
> imprisonment without the possibility of television. The threat
> should discourage the overzealous county coroner, eh? spike

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