Re: Back off! Im Navajo!

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 23:57:33 MDT

Emlyn wrote:

> Now that's a much better reason for starting an extro-inspired religion.

Hmmm, how about... Extrajo. {8^D No, wait, that sounds too much
like the 'hood with one too many harlots.

Extrojo. There we go, Extrojo. The mighty tribe, the Extrojo nation.

Now what we need is to cook up a history for ourselves, since recent
religions get no respect. We need one of our imaginative writers, such as
Damien Broderickjo, to invent a history, going back to the big bang,
explaining why we are the PEOPLE! Then we should be entitled to the
same special legal protections as those enjoyed by every other *jo people.

For the newly discovered ancient religion of Extrojo, I propose a twist
that no other religion has: to be saved by Extrojo, one need not believe
in it. Of course, one must be cryopreserved by someone who *does*
have the faith, or the closely related sect, the cryojo. Wait, sounds like
a weeping harlot. Well, anyway, instead of having a divinely inspired
scripture, we will have scripture that was derived the old fashioned way:
we sat down and made it up. What say ye, Extrojo braves? spikojo

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