Re: A plea for restraint

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 11:25:08 MDT

Samantha Atkins writes:

> I have been around long enough to see all too many
> "innovations" that were actually less capable than what was done before
> in crical areas while providing some welcome newness in others.

Amen to that one.

As to /. clones, they all have several minuses. For one, I have to

* actively go out, and scan all of them (provided, I can remember 53
  sites, and go through the trouble of clogging my puny 34 kbps
  0.01$/min pipe with the attempt to load them all)

* not to mention have to succumb to limited design and presentation
  skills of the average webmonkey, who is trying hard to earn its keep
  (Excuse me, I don't really want to play first player shooter games in
  the browser window (Java) nor check out the fully interactive frog
  in the blender (Flash). All I want is hypertext with pictures, and
  an occasional animation, thankyouverymuch).

* No, I don't want to see more ads, and volunteer marketers behaviour
  data, so that get more targeted spam

* unless I run a tweaked squid and have essentially infinite drive
  space I don't have that information stored. Not so with hypermailed
  and full-text indexed inboxes, these are much easier on drive space

* I usually have about 100 browser windows open, which have lots of
  state in them. Sooner or later the whole shebang crashes, resulting
  in me producing weird muffled noises and wanting to strangle Netscape
  programmers. All of them.

* Browsers not only crash, they eat memory like crazy for each page
  rendered. And, yeah, memory leaks. Lots of them. Comes with
  braindead programmers trying to render complex content specified
  in a braindead language transported by braindead protocols

* slash(hash, dash, mash)dots do everything server-side, which does
  not allow me with to engage my proven idjit filter (notice that
  even low grade morons can click, but it takes at least an
  imbecile to set up a mail configuration, and subcribe to a
  push medium. Also, the overhead usually prevents said idjits to fire
  up their insightful one-liners)

* I can go on, but this really proves web is totally broken

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