Re: november concern

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 12:20:47 MDT wrote:
> Extropians who can vote:
> I understand that many people here feel that finanically it would be better
> to have Republicans rule, in order to preserve their personal inventory and
> $$ for security purposes.
> But as a humanist and free thinker I plead that the anti-abortion, anti-tech
> - neo-christian sentiments and rightist religious belifs proposed by the
> current republican regimes (Bush et al) are far more destructive to
> transhumanist aims than a socialist (statist) regime could contrive, even if
> you really fear a push towards egalitarian aims.
> Vote for Brown and be careful to preserve your athiest right to
> non-christianity.

I support Bush pragmatically, and not for money, but for constitutional
purposes. In a crucial election like this, where the next president will be
picking as many as three supreme court justices, I find that the integrity of
the Bill of Rights is the greatest issue I care about. After having Bush in
office, I think we'll find more people interested in libertarianism, and while
Browne does match my sentiments most closely, I find the threat posed by Gore to
be too great to be playing games making mere 'statements' with my vote.

If Gore wins and things start going to hell here, I will be moving to Alaska and
start working on the secession movement in existence up there.

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