Re: november concern

From: Dave Sill (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 12:54:59 MDT

Michael S Lorrey <> wrote:
> ... After having Bush in
> office, I think we'll find more people interested in libertarianism, and while
> Browne does match my sentiments most closely, I find the threat posed by Gore to
> be too great to be playing games making mere 'statements' with my vote.

So you're going to vote for the "right lizard", eh? You really think there's
a chance your measly vote could save the country from Gore? And you think
making a "mere" statement is playing games? "Give me liberty or give me
death" was a mere statement.

I think voting for anyone other than the candidate you most want to win is

> If Gore wins and things start going to hell here, I will be moving to Alaska and
> start working on the secession movement in existence up there.

Like Gore would let that happen... Remember the Gulf War over Kuwaiti oil?
What do you think they'd do to preserve Alaskan oil?


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