Re: signatures

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 13:33:32 MDT

Michael M. Butler writes:

> If the Echelon mention don't getcha, the PGP will.
> AVLIS hexamine 5915 angstrom to you, too.
> ( Reasonably big :) )

HE HMX RDX magnetic flux compression tritium deuterium pure fusion
primary ignition U-238 neutron high flux attentuation lethal radius

Of course they don't just do keywords, they do sentences. What one
needs is a natural sentence generator which puts trigger words in
strategic locations. Like, let's use ethylene oxide low-temperature
distribution charge, then delayed ignition of the fuel-air
explosive. Deep burrowing charge, tungsten carbide kinetic
kill. Teleoperated commercial aircraft delivery vehicle streaming
video GPS position trigger.

And yeah, if you really want to piss off certain people, set up noisy
video webcasts, and encrypted mailing lists (e.g. mmreencrypt patch
for MailMan) which just send back and forth /dev/(u)random output
(just set up a pair of scripts which stream that via a socket). These
people don't like high-entropy bitstreams, given their professional

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