Re: signatures

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 06:18:30 MDT

You just reminded me to set up my own Hotbits server. Project time!
Anyone know of a nice place to buy an energetic beta source besides
NIST? >=100kBq preferred.

> And yeah, if you really want to piss off certain people, set up noisy
> video webcasts, and encrypted mailing lists (e.g. mmreencrypt patch
> for MailMan) which just send back and forth /dev/(u)random output
> (just set up a pair of scripts which stream that via a socket). These
> people don't like high-entropy bitstreams, given their professional
> paranoia.

There also ought to be a way to, for example, run fake stego on all a
server/proxy's cached images so they all show suspicious lsb noise that
varies from day to day.

Then there's Gilmore's FreeS/WAN project: If I get ADSL or something, I'll
probably run one of these.

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