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Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 09:26:59 MDT


On Sun, 8 Oct 2000, Eugene Leitl wrote:

> Michael M. Butler writes:
> >
> > If the Echelon mention don't getcha, the PGP will.
> >
> > AVLIS hexamine 5915 angstrom to you, too.
> >
> > ( Reasonably big :) )
> HE HMX RDX magnetic flux compression tritium deuterium pure fusion
> primary ignition U-238 neutron high flux attentuation lethal radius
> Of course they don't just do keywords, they do sentences. What one
> needs is a natural sentence generator which puts trigger words in
> strategic locations. Like, let's use ethylene oxide low-temperature
> distribution charge, then delayed ignition of the fuel-air
> explosive. Deep burrowing charge, tungsten carbide kinetic
> kill. Teleoperated commercial aircraft delivery vehicle streaming
> video GPS position trigger.

Ah, I believe the following should do the job, with a few obvious


# A nonsense script that randomly generates silly sentences.
# By Jordan and Tony Witte. 1998

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";
print "<HTML>\n<HEAD>\n<TITLE>Jordan's Silly Sentence Generator</TITLE>\n</HEAD>\n";
@colors = ("magenta","gold","yellow","green", "blue","purple","brown","black","gray","pink");
@names = (Henry, Phillip, Ben, Jordan, Ruth, Tony, Spencer, Walker, Chris, Rika, Danny, Ron, Grandpa, Grandma, Patti);
@nouns = (mountain, bulldozer, raygun, feather, antenna, TV, spaceship, asteroid, galaxy, banana);
@gender= (his, his, his, his, her, his, his, his, his, her, his, his, his, her, her);
@verb = ("rubbed", "fried", "flipped over", "drove over", "ran into", "tickeled", "killed", "kissed", "ate", "chewed");
@animal = (grizzly, goose, hedgehog, bedbug, ladybug, velociraptor, sheepdog, gorilla, possum, worm);
@body_part = (nose, elbow, head, knee, bottom, foot, leg, liver, brain, eyeball);
$rand_name = rand(@names);
   print qq!
<BODY BGCOLOR="$colors[rand(@colors)]" TEXT="RED">
  <H2>$names[$rand_name] $verb[rand(@verb)]!;
   print qq!
 a $colors[rand(@colors)] $nouns[rand(@nouns)]
   with a $animal[rand(@animal)] on $gender[$rand_name] $body_part[rand(@body_part)].</H2> !;
print "\n<IMG SRC=\"!!!.gif\">";
print qq!
<FORM action="" method="GET">\n
<INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" VALUE="Another Silly Sentence\!">\n


In fact, one could insert several different sentence constructing
functions and call *them* randomly from the main function.
> And yeah, if you really want to piss off certain people, set up noisy
> video webcasts, and encrypted mailing lists (e.g. mmreencrypt patch
> for MailMan) which just send back and forth /dev/(u)random output
> (just set up a pair of scripts which stream that via a socket). These
> people don't like high-entropy bitstreams, given their professional
> paranoia.

Hmm, any stego generators for *nix available? Sounds like a nice-to-have
Slash patch. Maybe even put some real stego into the graphics now and then,
and run a contest to see who can catch it. Hey, brainstorm! I think I'll
add an Echelon/Carnivore spamming script to the Transhuman mailing list sig.

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