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Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 21:36:09 MDT

Another delayed reaction response:
Since Dec. I suppose I have been practicing what others would call an
extreme caloric restriction, this was not a longevity experiment, this was a
reduction in body weight goal. Which I have to say, is working, (along with
Golds Gym 3x's a wk) since I am down to 108 now. Of course the amount of
caloric intake daily can fluctuate, but on average is somewhere in the
vicinity of 600 calories a day. There has been substantial research and
hypothesis that a low caloric diet extends one's life, most of these study
results were gathering from experiments with mice. Roy L. Walford wrote a
book and practices such a lifestyle based on his research, the book is
called (I think) _The 120 Year Diet_ (How to double your years)My personal
experience with this type of regime, is that I am hungry a lot, so I have to
play mental games with myself to keep on track. Also, a particular time of
the month, I can not maintain this diet, or I will get a migraine. So during
that time, I actually have a physical excuse to screw up my diet! (kinda

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> > 4) Anyone practising extreme caloric restriction?
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