Re: life extension question

From: CYMM (
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 06:59:19 MDT

GINA MILLER SAID: "...What were you eating? I do a lot of veggies, and I
find that corn last's melonger (as far as feeling full) thru the day, than
my mixed veggies
alternative. (consisting of carrots, potato and celery) When I eat thelatter
although it's lower calories, I'm hungry, sooner. I assume the cornis more
filling because it's starch/carb.

CYMM SAYS: I found exactly the same with corn on the cob...don't overcook -
undercooking will tend to reduce available calories while keeping you
filled... cabbage and other crucifers; and raw tomatoes and sweet peppers
with very coarse whole wheat bread with whatever condiment that adds zing...
(... I put extra bran & wheat germ into my whole wheat flour...)

... Lastly, on the 800 cals I made sure that I kept mentally and physically
active doing challenging things.

I think this latter part is the most important. My current (obligatory) work
activities are rather chore-like ...and thus I tend to unconsciously use
food as a reward. I think THE most important point about voluntary CR
(...unlike with laboratory mice..) is that you must be doing things that are
ultra-absorbing & challenging. Once you become slightly bored or depressed
...well - it's all over!

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