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Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 10:44:38 MDT


I'd like to take this opportunity to mention how welcome Canadians are
on this list. Though not Canadian myself, some of my best friends are.
I'm tolerant, not like all those other people out there who want to
imprison and kill all Canadians. I'm open minded. Heck, I even eat
maple syrup sometimes, and have actually visited Canada. If I was not
a vegetarian, I'm sure I'd probably also enjoy Canadian bacon, but I'm
just not into that kind of stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with

Maybe deep inside I'm an American-from-Canada trapped inside an
American-from-Russia's body.

Canadians are naturally good at curling, sledding, hockey, and drilling
for oil. Considering the many contributions Canadians have made to
the arts and industry (and this list) I hardly think this is a coincidence.
By and large, being Canadian causes those people to be wholesome, rational
and pleasant.

So, is being a Canadian a genetic or a cultural thing? There certainly is
a vastly increased likelihood of being a Canadian if one or both of one's
parents are. On the other hand (and despite the efforts of various immigration
bureaucrats) there are many documented cases of non-Canadians becoming
Canadians and vice versa. Perhaps this is an example of delayed-onsent
incomplete Lamarkian heterozygous pleiotropic pseudo codominance.

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