Re: Magnetic space propulsion

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Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 10:38:00 MDT wrote:

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> << Thats Robert Zubrin Spud.
> >>
> Scott-Robert-its a Zubrin-accept no substitutes

{8^D If you ever get a chance to meet Scott, Robert, whatever
his name is, do go, listen to his pitch. I dont agree with everything
he says, and in fact he has a lotta heartburn with some of my
notions {the tiny single female astronaut, specifically}, but he
does make a compelling case. I defer to Zubrin, my superior on almost
everything. I still think we should choose astronauts by their
size and appetite, but remember this notion is coming from a former
weight and balance engineer, and we life eeeeverything light.

{8^D spike

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