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From: E. Shaun Russell (
Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 09:56:20 MDT

Alex Bokov wrote:
>So, is being a Canadian a genetic or a cultural thing? There certainly is
>a vastly increased likelihood of being a Canadian if one or both of one's
>parents are. On the other hand (and despite the efforts of various
>immigration bureaucrats) there are many documented cases of non-Canadians
>becoming Canadians and vice versa. Perhaps this is an example of
>delayed-onsent incomplete Lamarkian heterozygous pleiotropic pseudo

Hmmm. I was born Canadian, and have lived in Canada all my life, but I
feel much more akin to Americans or New Zealanders (second generation) than
I do to other Canadians. While I have to admit to a love of hockey, there
isn't a lot else that Canada has to offer *me* personally, though this is
by no means a judgment call for other Canadians. Also, my views are likely
biased do to my residence in Vancouver, British Columbia, whose economics
and politics are quite terrible...there's even a law against cryonic
suspension! Things are much better one province over in Alberta, and a
recent trip to Calgary refreshed my perspective that Canada may be a
happening country after all. We'll soon see.

I should also mention that for other Canadian Extropians there is an
ExI-Can list as well, though it currently gets very little activity. Go to to subscribe.

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