Re: Attacks (was Re: Why would AI want to be friendly?)

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 01:02:04 MDT

Emlyn wrote:
> > James Wetterau wrote:
> > >
> > > J. R. Molloy says:
> > >
> > > > ... Uploading criminals and the Amish might be the best way to get rid
> > > > of them. Make video games out of them. ...
> > >
> > > I just want to register my extreme dissent from this idea, and
> > > whatever motivates it. I find it revolting to see transhumanist
> > > concepts discussed as weapons against religious people.
> > >
> >
> >
> > If that was what it was then I would also find it revolting. But I
> > think a more interesting set of possibilities might be present. Today
> > we kill or lock away for life those we consider irredeemably criminal.
> > Putting the person instead in a VR with karmic consequence mode turned
> > on would a) not involve the irreversible destruction of the individual;
> > b) give them a chance to learn and grow without harming other people.
> >
> > Other persons who simply cannot abide what 21st century real-world
> > brings and who fervently wish to live in a different sort of world can
> > only have their heart's desire within a tailored VR. Again, they get to
> > live as they want and experience the consequences of their choices
> > without being forced to abandon their heart's desire or limiting the
> > freedom of others. When they change their minds about what they want
> > they get to move into whatever that new thing is.
> >
> > Looked at this way the VR might be the best choice that preserves the
> > most diversity and freedom with the least amount of conflict. It's a
> > thought anyway.
> >
> > - samantha
> >
> Why not just give crims an environment where they can do what they like; go
> around slaughtering people if you want. Basically it's just Doom anyway.
> What's all this karma crap?

Simply this, if it is all just "Doom", then there is no reality, no real
context or pushback. Once we get uploaded I think it is going to be
increasingly important to define realities a bit more strictly. Would
you like to spend the next umpteen millenia in environments where other
entities will wipe out your being in that environment just for the heck
of it because after all you are fully backed up and so on? It doesn't
sound like good fun to me.

For the crims and a special hypothetical environment that is just a big
"Doom", well, the problem is there is zero opportunity to learn to live
in a less violent environment. There are no repercussions and no
incentives (beyond hopefully eventual boredom). There may well be such
environments but I doubt they would be useful for anything but certain
types of "entertainment". This may mark me as really odd but personally
I don't have any use for environments where people frag other people for
fun. I realize that some people do. To me that makes them odd. But
heh, it takes all kinds.

- samantha

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