Re: Attacks (was Re: Why would AI want to be friendly?)

From: Emlyn (
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 23:10:46 MDT

> James Wetterau wrote:
> >
> > J. R. Molloy says:
> >
> > > ... Uploading criminals and the Amish might be the best way to get rid
> > > of them. Make video games out of them. ...
> >
> > I just want to register my extreme dissent from this idea, and
> > whatever motivates it. I find it revolting to see transhumanist
> > concepts discussed as weapons against religious people.
> >
> If that was what it was then I would also find it revolting. But I
> think a more interesting set of possibilities might be present. Today
> we kill or lock away for life those we consider irredeemably criminal.
> Putting the person instead in a VR with karmic consequence mode turned
> on would a) not involve the irreversible destruction of the individual;
> b) give them a chance to learn and grow without harming other people.
> Other persons who simply cannot abide what 21st century real-world
> brings and who fervently wish to live in a different sort of world can
> only have their heart's desire within a tailored VR. Again, they get to
> live as they want and experience the consequences of their choices
> without being forced to abandon their heart's desire or limiting the
> freedom of others. When they change their minds about what they want
> they get to move into whatever that new thing is.
> Looked at this way the VR might be the best choice that preserves the
> most diversity and freedom with the least amount of conflict. It's a
> thought anyway.
> - samantha

Why not just give crims an environment where they can do what they like; go
around slaughtering people if you want. Basically it's just Doom anyway.
What's all this karma crap?


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