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Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 01:07:13 MDT

Damien Broderick wrote:

> At 09:40 PM 3/10/00 -0400, an extropian wrote:
> >I don't know so
> >much about World War II, compared to many, but have seen the pictures of
> >Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. ...
> >Stalin was quite evil. ...
> >I didn't see too many war
> >movies, but watched most episodes of M.A.S.H., and read the "Guns of
> >Navarone", and those other MacLean war books. ...
> This is hilarious and wonderful. More, more! You have brightened my day.
> Damien Broderick

I hope that's not too completely facetious.

Perhaps I have seen enough war movies.

About history, well... I learned what they told me and what I have read and
what I have seen, but don't believe all of it, and recognize much is not
told. I don't presume that situation comedies nor war novels are
historically accurate.

It's heartwarming that what I have written has brightened your day, whether
or not it was at the expense of a casual context.

Now then, about "True Learning, and How to Get It", that is perhaps more
discutable, to not coin a phrase.

True learning is about the ability to read the environment, and the ability
to communicate within it with others, and the motivation to know more.

It's important to know oneself, to some extent, although that concept should
perhaps be avoided due to its "New Age" connotations.

There is the entirety of all actions that have ever occurred, and no one
person knows except an infinitesimal part of it, unless they are
metaphysically a higher power. By the same token, I know none who know
everything about anything, however small. However, by the same token, there
are many discrete events that any with the sense can observe. For example,
the sun in the sky burns.

Reality appears to be quite consistent and continuous. That's not to say
that strange things don't happen.

So then, about learning, how do we learn to learn?

Or, equivalently, how do we learn to learn to learn to learn...?

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