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Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 16:22:54 MDT

Daniel Ust wondered

>about the level of health on this list. How often do
>members get
>check ups? have their blood tested?
 I think one can attain good heath without check ups &
blood tests
I'm always dubious about putting my health into the
hands of someone
who's livelihood depends on there being sick people.
>How many are on healthy diets? not overweight? take
By also taking the fun roller blades option and
healthy diet I am not overweight,
but have yet to find any supplements that improve on
my body’s chemical balance.
>One would hope people who are interested in
>maximum lifespans are doing this more than the rest
>of the population, but
>from the few people I've met over the years --
>admittedly, not a good
>sample, since it is small and extemely biased:) -- it
>seems like it's more
>talk than action.
>This is sad, since lots of nontraumatic, preventable
>things can kill NOW,
>such as heart disease and certain other easily
>prevented diseases.

There could be something to be said for dieing of an
easily preventable disease
i.e. it's easier to cure you after cryostasis.

ps – My new pc *wants* to process data while I sleep
and I feel cruel holding back its potential.
Does anyone have a link?
 (used to be on an id tag here ‘we need your
processing power’ or similar)

Floss Morgan

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