Re: Nostaliga? ( roots based on Back off! I'm gay!)

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 10:58:04 MDT

florence peterson wrote:
> Daniel Ust wondered
> >about the level of health on this list. How often do
> >members get
> >check ups? have their blood tested?
> I think one can attain good heath without check ups &
> blood tests
> I'm always dubious about putting my health into the
> hands of someone
> who's livelihood depends on there being sick people.

Quite. I have not seen a doc in ten years, with no medical or dental problems
outside of the occasional cold. I do get the free flu shots when I remember to,
but thats about it. Minimizing one's own risk factors is all thats really
needed: no smoking, excessive drinking, or drug use, drive carefully when around
other idiots.

The primary means of death among those ancestors of mine who are dead were:
drowning, lightning, and smoking induced heart and lung ailments, or just plain
old age. One grandmonster is on his way out from microstroke induced senility
(from hardening of arteries in his brain), the other two are going strong, with
all three in their upper 80's. The one in the best shape is so primarily due to
a positive attitude and regular exercise: 18 holes of golf a couple times a week
(no golfcarts) as well as regular dancing dates. She's also the oldest. Her only
problem at this point is a preference for the highballs.

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