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Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 20:23:17 MDT

On Tuesday, October 03, 2000 3:22 PM florence peterson
> >about the level of health on this list. How often do
> >members get
> >check ups? have their blood tested?
> I think one can attain good heath without check ups &
> blood tests
> I'm always dubious about putting my health into the
> hands of someone
> who's livelihood depends on there being sick people.

Suit yourself. It's your life you're risking by such stereotypes.:)

Also, since most people on this list, I bet, already have health plans, it's
merely a matter of getting poked with a needle once or twice a year, getting
the results -- not just the physician's interpretation, but the actual
numbers -- and going over these with others. Not much of an investment,
especially when the blood testing can often be done at your convenience. (I
was tested a few months ago at my office.)

The reason to do this, again, is that many health problems that can be
spotted early enough can be treated and even cured. These are ones that
often do not show symptoms. Granted, they are rare, but not so rare as that
we should throw caution to the wind, especially given the low price of most
blood testing.

> >How many are on healthy diets? not overweight? take
> >supplements?
> By also taking the fun roller blades option and
> healthy diet I am not overweight,
> but have yet to find any supplements that improve on
> my body's chemical balance.

How do you know? Are you doing some testing on the side? If so, tell us
what. I'd like some cheaper alternatives.

> >One would hope people who are interested in
> >maximum lifespans are doing this more than the rest
> >of the population, but
> >from the few people I've met over the years --
> >admittedly, not a good
> >sample, since it is small and extemely biased:) -- it
> >seems like it's more
> >talk than action.
> >This is sad, since lots of nontraumatic, preventable
> >things can kill NOW,
> >such as heart disease and certain other easily
> >prevented diseases.
> There could be something to be said for dieing of an
> easily preventable disease
> i.e. it's easier to cure you after cryostasis.

Again, if you want to take that gamble, do right ahead. Personally, I'd
rather be alive and avoid cryostasis all together. I see it only as an
extremely long shot to be used as a last resort. (Don't get me wrong here.
I'm all for cryonics and urge others to sign up, but I also urge all of you
not to plan for cryonics as your only means of life extension.)


Daniel Ust

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