Re: Capitalists and concentration camps

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Date: Sun Oct 01 2000 - 08:57:36 MDT wrote:

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> << "Modern History 101: Big Government not big Business caused real
> Woes" >>
> I have no disagreement with this contention. However when we get in to other
> descriptions of governements as plutocracy or oligarhichy, then we also have
> relegated capitalism to merely an income producing mechanism for supplying,
> said, plutocracy or oligarhchy with enough power to fund their military and
> police. It gets muddled, then, doesn't it? Is the PRC of today, a socialist
> or capitalist oligarchy and does it matter?

Since 90%+ of businesses are state owned, it is most definitely socialist, with
a slightly free market, in that the state only dictates prices on some things
but not others. At the very least it is a heavily socialist country with some
flavoring of mercantilism.

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