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> << Spudboy,
> It seems, after listening to you for awhile, that you are using a
> somewhat unusual definition of capitalism. Can you point to any of the
> classical capitalist that agree with your definition? In fact would you
> mind
> making an attempt to define capitalist as you use it.The people you point to
> seem to be a combination of witch doctors and thugs but not capitalist at
> all.
> Ron H. >>
> Ron, all I am doing is basically giving you the common descreiption-however
> flawed of how captialism is usually described. When Adam Smith was stalking
> the earth, I doubt he would have had trouble identifying slavery as being a
> "capitalist" process. That is the exchange of money for goods and services,
> products and commodities. In the case of slavery, it certainly was a
> business, and a pathologically evil business, but a business never the less.

A business which the framers of the Constitution generally recognised as one that
was anathema to their ideas (so sayeth Jefferson, Washington, Mason, Franklin,
Madison, etc.) George Mason, who at the time was the largest landholder and
slaveowner in Virginia, and was the philosophical father of the other four, and
wrote the Virginia Bill of Rights (which Jefferson and Madison based our Bill of
Rights on), refused to sign the Constitution specifically because it retained the
legality of slavery and did not have a Bill of Rights. He had made statements
saying that slavery had to end.
Trade in human lives is not capitalism, and it was the majority of slave owning
southerners who typically were the most against free market practices. They
regularly attempted to legislate fixed prices for cotton they supplied to
northern factories, and when the importation of slaves was abolished, this
resulted in southern legislators passing the Fugitive Slave Act during Fillmore's
administration, which enabled the re-enslavement of blacks who even had been
legally manumitted, and their kidnapping across state lines.

> Capitalism by definition is the exchange, sale, barter, or payment of goods
> and services, via privately-held property , in order to provide
> "capitalisation" of these business processes. (pant pant) In the Soviet Union
> you can rightly declaim the mass-murders, as you can in Cambodia and the
> Peoples Republic of China, as the responsibility of the scoialist leadership
> and their many followers. Similarly, the vicissitudes enacted bt the 3rd
> Reich, or The Confederacy of America, were surely business practices--however
> vile they may be.

You still are making claims about the 3rd Reich which you have failed to provide
any documentation, while I have cited actual eyewitness statements that refute
your claims. Either come up with something to refute the statements of Speer, et
al or cease and desist your revisionism.

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