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Mark Crosby (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 08:18:43 -0700 (PDT)

Here are my suggestions for RECENT SF ‘travel’ stories (based on
looking back through my copies of Science Fiction Age and Gardner
Dozois’s _Year’s Best_ collections last night.

My number one nomination is Gregory Feeley’s "How Far to th’ End of
the World?", Jul 95 SF Age, 16 pages: Rebellious youth with mystical
yearnings threaten the scientific and engineering establishment on a
long space journey (very well written, IMHO).

Number 2 would be Robert Reed’s "The Remoras", May 94 Magazine of
Fantasy and SF (or Dozois’s Twelfth Year’s Best), 28 pages: Mutant
swabbies soak up the rays on a circum-gallactic ‘sail’.

Number 3, Stephen Baxter’s "Gossamer", Nov 95 SF Age, only 5 pages:
GUTdrive wormhole-transit breakdown due to Alcubierre wave and two
astronauts stranded on Pluto make a discovery.

Perhaps Mark Tiedemann’s "The River’s Time", Mar 94 SF Age, 8 pages: A
perpetual traveler always seeking new levels of dissipation and

Last but not least, there’s Damien Broderick’s "Schrodinger’s Dog" in
Dozois's latest (14th) _Year's Best_ (which ought to qualify as a
‘travel’ story ;-)

Mark Crosby

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