traveling hopefully

Damien Broderick (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 16:54:56 +0000

I've been commissioned to compile a selection of published science fiction
short stories on the theme of `travel'. Anyone got any favorites they'd
care to suggest? One problem is that I can't really choose too many pieces
over 7500 or 10,000 words in length, which tends to knock out some of the
obvious choices - good stories by Kim Stanley Robinson and Lucius Shepard,

Some examples of the kind of thing I'm looking at (and bear in mind that I
haven't yet even approached the authors with my proposal!) are:

Robert Silverbeg's alternative-universe classic `Trips'
Gary Kilworth's `Let's Go to Golgotha!'
Brian Aldiss's `The Difficulties in Climbing Nix Olympica' (and yes, both
he and I and the characters know it's realy Olympus Mons)
Phil Farmer's `Sail On! Sail On!'
Ursula Le Guin's `Sur'
Arthur Clarke's `Wall of Darkness'

Any ideas? I'm especially eager to list some stories by women sf writers.
(Suggestions can be good ole classics or hot-off-the-presses newies, but
I'd appreciate a mention of where the pieces can be found.) Obviously
nearly all space-travel and time-travel fiction falls into the net in a
general way, but for most that's just an enabling device, a way of getting
to the interesting problems or novelties or scientific and moral issues. I
want to concentrate on the joys and horrors of the travel process itself, of


(If this particular conversation is deemed out of place for the extropian
list, my apologies. People could get back to me off-list if that's

Damien Broderick