Re: Lord Rees-Mogg on Democracy
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 12:44:18 -0400 (EDT)

To: Masters of the Universe,, and Burt's List

Dear Bates,

I was delighted with your piece on Lord Rees-Mogg and his American associate,
James Dale Davidson, which you posted today to list Keep
on digging, and eventually you and Lloyd Miller will understand what I am
talking about.

Their book, "The Great Awakening," contains the only up to date profile of
the U.S. and U.K. price indexes that I have seen since the October 1966 issue
of FORTUNE magazine put the U.S. Consumer Price Index (!889 to 1966) on a
center-fold page of an article on inflation by Glbert Burck. That great
macro-indicator of national progress (the CPI), together with the writings of
Sidney Fine 1956, Lady Rhys Williams 1943, Bertrand Russell 1915, and Henry
Carter Adams 1887 persuaded me in 1969 that every principle on which the
United States was founded is being willfully, deliberately, and
systematically destroyed by the combined effects of the selfish public
policies enforced by businessmen of the John D. Rockefeller generation, and,
the ideologies of refugees from Central Europe, excepting only W. Ropke. The
trouble is, that the distruction begins at the bottom of society and works
its way up, so the trends remain transparent to the intellectually gifted
members of society, until it is too late.

My Not So Humble Opinion, NSHO, of the only proper opinion for a WASP, or any
other human being who does not regard humanity as his natural prey.