Re: Subject: To Admiral Noel Gayler: Twelve Track Parallel Plans

Kennita Watson (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 09:01:12 -0700

>% Faxctrl: Faxno=001 703 765 0542
>% Faxctrl: To=703 765 7866 Admiral Noel Gayler
>% Faxctrl: From=Tony Hollick
>% Faxctrl: Subject=703 765 7866 Twelve Track Parallel Plan
>% Faxctrl: End
>From: Tony Hollick, | To: ADM Noel Gayler, USN (Ret.)
> 4, Grayling House, | 2111 Mason Hill Drive
> Canford Road, | Alexandria,
> Bristol BS9 3 NU, | Virginia 22306,
> England. (0117)-9252455 | United States of America
> Telephone (0117)-9871484 | Telephone 001-703-765-7866
Tony, I don't know if this retired admiral said specifically that he wanted
to get a single huge fax from you, but I would feel remiss in my (admittedly
self-assigned) duties as a communication facilitator if I didn't mention that
I found your post very difficult to read -- I almost gave up when it went
on for paragraphs without saying what the twelve track parallel plan was
*for*. I encountered a further hurdle when the numbers weren't identified
([TRACK 1] instead of just [1], expecially since there's another [1] nested
in one of the items). I encountered another by not seeing the list of
titles at the front of the document so I could get an idea of its structure
before I started. And I finally gave up when I had to skip to the end of
each item to try to get an idea what it was about, so I had some context
in which to put the quotation (sometimes it helped more than others). And
I couldn't really see what the section on science had to do with

In any case, I'm willing to believe that I am atypical, but while your
concept may be sound, interesting, even vital, I couldn't make it through
your message. I hope not to offend, just to expand your audience.

Recall that people can remember and process more information if it's
chunked. I guess my main point is that I didn't see enough chunking.


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