Re: Libertarian Economics

Kennita Watson (
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 01:50:08 -0700

Lee Crocker writes:
>Joao deserves insults. He is not merely ignorant, he is willfully
>ignorant; he /has/ been pointed to sources of information (I pointed
>to some myself), and he chose to waste our time instead. That's not
>just ignorant, that's rude.

I find that answering a negative behavior with another negative behavior
(indignance, righteous anger, scorn, etc.) simply raises my blood
pressure. This is true even assuming that the other party actually was
deliberately rude or cruel or whatever, which (from my point of view)
doesn't matter.

I say this simply because I find kindness, understanding, patience,
etc. more *effective*. Argue its relevance if you will, but a basic
psychology text will point out that reward is more effective than
punishment for behavior modification.

Just a thought,

P.S.: Thanks for the HotBot pointer, by the way.

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