Re: Is cryopreservation a solution?

Kennita Watson (
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 02:11:23 -0700

Geoff Smith wrote:
>-If superior computer power/neural nets appear, and I can integrate them
>with my brain, I will.

What if you can't?
>-I will do whatever I have to to stay competitive with transhuman and
>other human-built and extra-terrestrial intelligent agents who intend on
>making my functions obsolete(by their own personal evolution)
Or what if people acting in concert with autonomous computers can
outcompete you with your completely servile ones?

>I'm more intelligent than a computer right now (if you were really nasty,
>you could argue this point), so why exactly will that change, if I adhere
>diligently to the points above?

Not saying it will, but it might, should either or both of my "what if"s
come to pass. Also, the computers might take over at some point, or they
might also see some advantage in cooperation.


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