Re: Libertarian Economics

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Sat, 20 Sep 1997 11:48:14 -0700 (PDT)

> >EvMick, the claim "I don't know where to find it" on the internet is
> >about the most lame excuse an individual can make in this life. About as
> >bad as claiming to not know how to wipe one's own nose, or other bodily
> >parts. I'll bet you that there isn't one subject that is on the web that
> >I can't find with a search engine of my choice.
> I assume that everyone is intelligent. If they're ignorant, I teach
> them. If they're afraid, I encourage them. If they're lazy, I hang
> out a carrot if I care, and ignore them if I don't. In no case do I
> insult them.
> Here's my "one-stop shop" of choice:
> Unlike the Yellow Pages, if you can't find it there, maybe it really
> _doesn't_ exist.

Joao deserves insults. He is not merely ignorant, he is willfully
ignorant; he /has/ been pointed to sources of information (I pointed
to some myself), and he chose to waste our time instead. That's not
just ignorant, that's rude. I can respect someone who has spent
some time studying and thinking about an issue who then argues with
me, but not someone who doesn't want to learn, and who just wants to
hear his prejudices validated.

For the record, I find that "HotBot" generally provides better hits
on general searches, but fewer of them (which is good), so I use it
most of the time. But following links from related pages is even
better when you have a good starting point, like