Re: Libertarian Economics

Kennita Watson (
Sat, 20 Sep 1997 10:51:05 -0700

Michael Lorrey writes:
>EvMick, the claim "I don't know where to find it" on the internet is
>about the most lame excuse an individual can make in this life. About as
>bad as claiming to not know how to wipe one's own nose, or other bodily
>parts. I'll bet you that there isn't one subject that is on the web that
>I can't find with a search engine of my choice.

I assume that everyone is intelligent. If they're ignorant, I teach
them. If they're afraid, I encourage them. If they're lazy, I hang
out a carrot if I care, and ignore them if I don't. In no case do I
insult them.

Here's my "one-stop shop" of choice:
Unlike the Yellow Pages, if you can't find it there, maybe it really
_doesn't_ exist.


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