Re: Extropians (Protestants in disguise?)

Rick Knight (
Mon, 15 Sep 97 10:24:23 CST

Rick Knight wrote:

I was quite inspired, being a stubborn, try-harder type most of my
life...'til quite recently. I might've died (like the fly in Arjen's
parable) on the window sill.

Kennita Watson:

I have come up with three interpretations of this so far.
Please elaborate.

Rick Knight responds:

That was me responding to Arjen's post. I meant, metaphorically, that
for the bulk of my life, had relegated myself to a nominal existence
and was losing the will to live (but not to survive...wasn't suicidal,
just unmotivated). Relentlessly, repeatitively bashing oneself
against an unseen barrier (the window pane) when, if a broader view
were taken, other options for freedom were there for the taking.
That's where I am now!